Useful Links for Study

BBC - History
The Student's Friend - a concise narrative of world history & geography
  • You can download the Student's Friend from this website. The two documents (Prehistory through 1500 & 1500 to the present) are more about history of different geographical locations rather than pure geography.

OpenStudy - A giant global community with study groups dedicated to various subjects ranging from finance to history. Users get the chance to ask questions like posting comments on Twitter and Facebook. Do check it out and be part of the global community of students helping one another!

Diigo - A free online tool for highlighting and annotating articles. Great for highlighting key concepts and important quotes without the need to print articles or copy them onto Word. It also has a bookmarking tool, allowing you to save the pages with highlights. In addition, you can share your highlighted pages with friends.

World History International - World History Essays From Prehistory to the Present