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This website aims to make the learning of history much easier and more fun for the students of the Raffles Schools by providing them with helpful history notes. We hope that with the help of this website, students will gain interest and passion for History and at the same time better understanding of key concepts and facts. We aim to make this site the starting ground for students to do their further research in various areas of history. The Raffles History Notes is a collaborative website. We look forward to contributions from the various students of the Raffles Schools so that the website can be updated and useful for all generations of Rafflesians to come! :) 
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Looking for contributors to other subjects!!!

We are looking for contributors to other subjects, especially Humanities subjects such as literature and geography. We are trying to expand the scope of subjects covered. You can contribute any notes which you think are relevant to the Singapore O-Level Syllabus as outlined by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board or the syllabus of any IP (IntegratedProgramme) Schools. You do not have to be regular contributors. As long as you have good notes to share with others, please send us the notes via our feedback/suggestions page.

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We collect some of your browsing information like pages you view on our site to make your experience on the Raffles History Notes richer. We hope you participate in our statistics count so that we can know which areas to develop on but we recognise your potential disagreement. These are YOUR rights after all ;-).  We would recommend that you employ Ghostery or other plug-ins to remain anonymous should you want to. 

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